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Meet Preya

Ourboro is excited to introduce Preya, our Homebuyer Relationship Lead!

Preya grew up in Singapore and moved to the Toronto area to pursue a Bachelor of Commerce, with a specialization in Finance. 

As our Homebuyer Relationship Lead, Preya is a resource and support for new homebuyers. She works closely with each of our co-buyers, leading them through the home buying and owning journey.

How long have you been with Ourboro?

I joined the Product team at Ourboro in May 2021.

As a Homebuyer Relationship Lead, what does your day-to-day look like? 

Most mornings I start my day with a walk around the neighborhood. I’m not really a caffeine person, but I’ll sometimes grab an iced tea on the way home!

Once I’m in front of my computer I do a quick check of my email and then join the rest of the company for our daily morning standup meeting. 

From there, my days can vary depending on where individual homebuyers are in the process. I may spend some time reviewing new applications, get to know homebuyers during a discovery call, or touch base with real estate agents and buyers that have started looking for a home.

If I’m not communicating with homebuyers or any of our partners, I am probably researching market stats and conducting analysis, drafting internal documents, or looking at homebuyer data to help strengthen our offering. 

How did you get started in real estate?

I started working in a real estate office while completing my university degree. I fell in love with helping people through the journey of shopping for and buying their home. Since graduating I have wanted to find something relating to real estate, but with a closer relationship to homebuyers, and helping them get past the barriers to homeownership.

What brought you to Ourboro?

I heard about Ourboro through one of our partner real estate agents. I loved the concept of co-ownership and it sounded like a great fit, connecting my passion for real estate and helping people. 

Even in my personal life, I have a lot of conversations with people and have heard from immigrants and Canadians alike how hard it can be to buy a home in today’s market. As a new immigrant myself, the solution Ourboro offers made sense to me. 

I also really resonated with the people on the Ourboro team. Once I met them I was even more excited to work with them on solving such a major problem for homebuyers. 

Where could we usually find you when you’re not working?

I would love to say that you could find me in some fancy library reading a complex book, but recently my post-5pm ritual has involved relaxing on the couch with a guilty pleasure reality tv show.

On the weekends I focus on traveling through the GTA on any “mini-adventure” I can find. Last weekend I visited a lavender farm and would highly recommend it! 

Speaking of libraries and books, what book would you say has made a significant impact on your life?

I love anything by Khaled Hosseini and books with cultural context, especially if it’s connected to South Asian roots. 

What’s something that people often find surprising about you?

I have been playing the harmonium since I was 11 and am currently teaching myself to play the rabab! 

What’s your favourite neighbourhood in Toronto or the GTA?

I love exploring the Casa Loma neighbourhood. It’s such a cute area with lovely homes. 

I also really like the Yonge and Eglinton area. It’s close to downtown but doesn’t feel like you’re right downtown, but you still have all the benefits of the big city.


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