Don’t let down payments get you down.

Get up to $250,000 toward your down payment and turn your dream of homeownership into a reality.

We invest in your home with you.

Our contribution is not a loan, so there is no interest or additional debt. Instead, we buy a share of your home. When you decide to sell, we each receive our fair share of the gains or losses.

Your goals are our goals.

We bring exceptional real estate expertise to your homeownership journey. We succeed as an investor when you succeed as a homeowner.

Shared equity means shared ownership.

And shared ownership doesn’t mean you need to share your space. In other words, you no longer need to own 100% of the home for it to be 100% yours to enjoy.

We would still be renting if it weren't for Ourboro, they made our dreams of home ownership come true!
Shan & Lubin
- Barrie, ON -

A Simple Process

Lock In a Contribution

Find out how much we can contribute toward your down payment. If you’re happy with our offer, we’ll lock it in for 90 days.

Co-buy your Home

We’ll connect you with a mortgage lender and a top real estate agent to make it happen.

Grow Together

When you sell, we each receive our fair share of any gains or losses.

Is Ourboro for you?

Get started to see how much we may be able to contribute towards your new home.

You’re in our borough.

You’re looking for a home in the Greater Toronto Area.

You qualify for a mortgage.

You have enough income to support a mortgage, but lack the savings to make the full down payment.

You’ve been saving.

You have at least 5% saved for a down payment.

This will be your first home, not your last.

You’re planning on living in this home for less than 10 years.

Let’s buy a home together.

You don’t even have to buy us dinner first.

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