Meet Jackie, Ourboro’s Co-Buy Specialist! 

Working closely with both homebuyers and Referral Partners, Jackie is one of the first people you’ll meet when you begin working with Ourboro. And, if you need someone to give you a complete recitation of all three and a half hours of Titanic, she can help with that too.

How long have you been with Ourboro? 

I started with Ourboro in June of 2022. 

As a Co-Buy Specialist, what does your day-to-day look like? 

I usually start the day with a walk, a coffee, and a podcast. Once I get to my desk I’ll spend the first 30 minutes having some quiet time catching up on emails, then it’s off to the races!

My job is to guide homebuyers throughout their journey with Ourboro- from when they submit an application right up to when they close on their home. So, throughout the day, I am working with buyers at all stages in the process, which means any combination of discovery calls, onboardings, closings, and everything in between! In addition to working with our buyers, I also work closely with our Referral Partners, to help guide, support, and educate them on all things Ourboro. Everyday is different and everyday is exciting, which I love!

On a weekly basis, I also take part in a meeting with our Investment team to discuss current deals, market trends, portfolio updates, and anything else that might be going on with the Product or Investment teams that week. These meetings are a real highlight for me because the investment world is not something I’m overly familiar with, and I find I always walk away from those meetings having learned something new.

Thursdays are one of our in-person office days so, since I’m already downtown, I’ll often grab dinner with my mom and sister and then we’ll catch a show at one of the Mirvish Theatres.

How did you get started in customer experience and real estate?  

I’ve spent most of my working life in client facing roles, from hospitality, to agritourism, to sales – most recently, as a realtor.

There were parts of being a realtor that I loved, like building relationships with clients and helping to guide them through one of the biggest purchases they’ll likely ever make. But, I missed my evenings and weekends, and the stability that comes along with a traditional 9-5. Making the move to Ourboro meant I got the best of both worlds!

What brought you to Ourboro?

After spending a few years as a realtor, I was ready for a change. I found the job posting online and after doing some research, was really intrigued by the model and excited by the thought of being part of a startup, so I applied!  After my first meeting with Eyal, I knew Ourboro was where I wanted to be and I feel very lucky to now be a part of such a grounded, smart, and hardworking team.

Where could we usually find you when you’re not working?

When weather permits, I love to be outside as much as I can. But also, I really love being inside (never met a couch I didn’t like!). I love to travel but when I’m home, I can usually be found eating, being trolled by my 4 year old nephew, or pretending I’m about to leave for the gym.

What book is on your bedside table right now?

Not to brag, but I’ve been reading Grant, the Ulysses Grant biography by Ron Chernow, for oh, about 5 years now and have made very little progress. But it does still serve an important purpose of propping up the book I AM making progress on The Covenant of Water by Abraham Verghese. 

I’m not usually a fiction kind of gal but it’s a fascinating story following three generations of a family, set in South India. It’s beautifully written and I’ve really enjoyed learning more about that part of the world.  Highly recommend!  

What’s something that people often find surprising about you?

I’ve won my family’s football pool twice without ever watching a single game. This year I came in 3rd – and  still have yet to watch a  game. My football savvy family members are always very happy for me and definitely not incredibly bitter about it! 

I also know every word to James Cameron’s 1997 Blockbuster hit, Titanic. I can, and will, recite it for anyone whether or not they ask, including a bonus rendition of My Heart Will Go On at the end. Tips welcome.

What’s your favourite neighbourhood in Toronto or the GTA?

I really love the area I currently live in, Georgetown. I’m near a great trail system with lots of outdoor space, a cute little downtown, and a quick commute to the city!