Streamlined Home Insurance Process

Co-operators streamlines the home insurance process for our co-owners, safeguarding both their belongings and their investment. Once you become a homeowner with us, Co-operators offer home insurance and a range of other services to ensure your homeowning journey is as smooth as possible.

A Dedicated Insurance Representative

When you choose to work with Co-operators as an Ourboro co-owner you can expect prompt and personalized service. You’ll be directly connected to a Co-operators office and assigned a dedicated rep from their team of experienced insurance personnel. Your rep will tailor their assistance to your individual needs and explain your coverage in detail.

And, the support from Co-operators doesn’t end once you’ve been set up with insurance, they stick by you through your entire homeownership journey. One example of this is during your mortgage renewal process. If your renewal offer is higher than you’d like, your Co-operators rep can “go to bat for you” and potentially negotiate a lower rate.

Comprehensive Life Insurance

When you buy a new home, your mortgage lenders own part of your property. Although we don’t think about it often, if something unexpected happens to you or anyone else on the title, the lender could gain more control over the property. Co-operators offer life insurance to help owners retain control if the unexpected does happen. Plus, you can conveniently bundle life insurance with your home insurance through Co-operators.

Investment Solutions for Homeowners

Co-operators advisors are experts in investment and finance and share their knowledge with Ourboro homeowners. Your dedicated rep will teach you healthy money habits, help position your money for growth, and protect you against market fluctuations.

Also, Ourboro’s model is designed for homeowners to eventually buy us out. Co-operators will guide you in creating a unique financial plan to help you cross that finish line (buying Ourboro out!) as soon as possible.

The Perfect Match: Ourboro and Co-operators

Like Ourboro, Co-operators value providing a holistic experience for homeowners. We know that buying a home is likely the most significant investment you’ll ever make and can be an overwhelming process, so we and the Co-operators are committed to making the journey into homeownership as simple and stress-free as possible.

Expert Interview: Alex Kjorven and Peter Garthside

Our Chief Product Officer, Alex Kjorven, sat down with Peter Garthside, a Finance and Insurance Advisor from Co-operators, to discuss these services in more detail and why this partnership is a perfect fit.

Watch Ourboro’s full interview with Peter Garthside below to learn more about how Co-operators can make your homeownership experience seamless and secure.