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Homebuying Info Session with Q&A

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For many Canadians, owning a home is an important goal and milestone. But even for those that are earning enough to secure a mortgage for the home they want, coming up with the full down payment is a real challenge and can seem impossible. It seems like the longer you save, the further away you get from buying a home because prices keep going up.

That’s why new solutions, like Ourboro, have started to become real considerations for those that aren’t ready to give up their goal of homeownership.

Join us for an online info session where we’ll share how Ourboro is solving this down payment challenge. We’ll share our motivation and goals for creating the company, how our program works, why it works, who qualifies, and how we can help you get into the home you want sooner.

Then, we’ll open the floor for you to ask any questions you have about the session and Ourboro.

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This online event is for you if you:

About Ourboro

Ourboro helps close the down payment gap that is keeping you from buying your home. We can contribute up to $250,000 towards the down payment, but it’s not a loan, so there is no interest and no monthly payments. Instead, as your partner, we buy a share of your home. When you decide to sell, we each receive our fair share of the gains or losses.




Homebuyer Relationship Lead



Chief Product Officer

And other members of the Ourboro team!

Have questions? Join us for an upcoming Homebuyer Info Session with Q&A to learn more about Ourboro.