What's our Secret?

Shared ownership isn't new, but it can feel unfamiliar.

Once you understand the concept of how shared ownership works, you’ll probably begin to ask yourself why it works. What’s our secret?

Secret #1

Where do we get the money to invest in your home?

Easy, we turn competitors into partners.

We manage a pool of funds for real estate investors.. The goals of our investors are uniquely aligned with that of our co-owners: successful homeownership means successful investments.

Old Way

Homebuyers & investors compete on properties

New Way

Homebuyers & investors work together

Secret #2

How do we make money?

The same way you do, through the appreciation in the home.

Our investment only grows when yours does, if the home depreciates in value we share in any loss together too.That’s why we are dedicated to helping you find and purchase a home that you will not only love to live in, but will also grow in value.

Our second source of revenue is through fees paid by our investors. By investing in Ourboro's fund, investors are able to realize the benefits of investing in residential real estate without needing to be hands on.

Year 1 home value

Year 10 home value

Don’t let down payments get you down.

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